Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program in Medication Therapy Management

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A. Why Do Pharmacy Technicians Need Training in MTM?

Pharmacy technicians are broadening their training and receiving more responsibility in many health care settings.1 There is a growing need for pharmacy technician education in Medication Therapy Management (MTM) as more pharmacy practices adopt these services. Training in MTM can help pharmacy technicians adapt to the changing pharmacy environment and create opportunities for expanding their professional responsibilities.

B. What is MTM?

The goal of MTM is to assist patients with using drug therapy correctly, to improve or maintain their health, and to prevent or reduce drug-related issues.2 MTM is especially suited for people who take multiple medications for chronic health conditions. MTM services address many goals of pharmacy care, including the following: optimizing patient health, improving adherence, avoiding waste, preventing potential errors or adverse effects, and saving costs.2 MTM also represents a potential revenue stream for the pharmacy.

C. How Can Pharmacy Technicians Participate in MTM?

Pharmacy technicians can play a key role in helping pharmacies achieve a successful MTM program. Technicians can provide support or management roles in MTM functions, such as the following:

  • Medical and pharmacy record gathering, organization, and assessment
  • Medication reconciliation (developing a Personal Medication List)
  • Correspondence with patients, physicians, other health care providers
  • Follow-up to enhance patient adherence

D. Why Do Technicians Need Education About MTM?

The health care environment has been rapidly evolving since the introduction of MTM services approximately 12 years ago. State and local laws have changed and continue to address new issues affecting MTM services. Procedures for planning and delivering MTM are regularly fine-tuned and updated in many workplace settings. And, the opportunities for reimbursement of MTM services are being revised on a statewide and Federal level. Pharmacy technicians who are unfamiliar with MTM need a solid basis of understanding about its goals and procedures. Technicians who already have some education in MTM can benefit from updated and expanded information.


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